Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I never thought I'd say THIS!

I actually had fun on a
5,000 mile road trip

with my husband and
three step kids!
Chandler, Collin, Garrison, and some photo bomber kid that wouldn't shut up the WHOLE tram ride up to Sandia Peak!

Post 1 of several about this trip

Day 1
Ohmigod - I'm in a minivan! I was not-so-secretly hoping that they would be out of them and we'd be "forced" to upgrade to an Escalade; no dice. 

Andy & one or two of the boys hit Costco for road food. Nuts, crackers, breakfast bars, goldfish, stuffed pretzels, cookies, juice, and cokes. We all piled in and drove to the DFW metroplex. It wasn't really on the way, but Andy had to work. And, we stopped at the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth because we're dedicated knurds.

Day 2
An easy drive! Mainly because the boys drove on ahead to Albuquerque, while Andy & I flew - 1st class, natch! The gate agent asked me if that was a banana in my purse or was i just glad to see him. Yes, really. I played along. But we still had to pay for the upgrade. Our seats weren't together, but the woman next to me agreed to change with Andy because he announced to the cabin that he was gonna spend the flight hitting on me, hoping to get lucky. At the end of the flight, another passenger asked if we were gonna hook up.

We were only a little concerned that the kids wouldn't make it to Albuquerque. Worst case, we'd rent another car (NOT a minivan), and continue the trip.

Dinner at El Patio de Albuquerque (thanks for the tip, Sandra!), and then to Sandia Peak for sunset. I was on top of the world when Andy "proposed" to me on bended knee:
Or, did he put a band-aid on my blister? Either way, I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

A couple of things:
  1. Andy's boys made it to the airport and were waiting for us when we landed. On the downside, more minivan.
  2. Those guys are total wussies (only Garrison had to cajónes to look out the tram windows).
  3. And that photo bombing, non-stop-talking kid? I'm not ashamed that all of us who endured the ride up with him crowded him and his dad out of being able to get on the tram down with us. YAY, group think!
So, the sunset...
sunset from 10,378 feet